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custom styles are here!

beta new feature

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you can edit your custom colors here:

if you click the share button, it’ll give you a URL to share your colors with others

right now, you can’t switch between default and custom, although clicking the default link will reset your colors to default. so save your custom colors somewhere if you’re keen to switch back and forth

in the future, i’d like to add a preview window and the ability to save multiple styles, but i’d like to make sure this works well first

also feel free to share your colors here!

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btw this is a beta
i probably missed a bunch of stuff
plz report any weirdness here, or if you want to style something but you can’t, etc

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bird on skateboard

this is good

trapped in the zohar

thank u

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From: wave existence at 2019-11-20 18:46:08
this is good

stunt failed

oh man. just fixed a rather hilarious bug where the default style values were getting overwritten by the latest shared style being accessed

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former alt account

thanks tiko! always workin hard

former alt account


revised the theme i was toying with (i changed some of the tertiary colors to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing / consistent)

dark mode with a minty twist. largest goal was getting a color i like as the primary text color, secondary goal was making sure there wasn’t any full white / full black overlap anywhere because that’s retina searing on anything but a very dim display

stunt failed

ok heres something a little weird


if you enter in something like a hex code, but has more than six characters after the #, it will save as that, but be interpreted as white, and also make all the color preview boxes on that line and beyond stop working

it seems theres no limit to the amount of characters you can put after the hex code and still save

I put so many it made my tab start lagging

ahh, there is a limit, eventually I got this

ValidationException: ExpressionAttributeValues contains invalid value: Item size has exceeded the maximum allowed size for key :v0 status code: 400, request id: RUSBC984IIJQCAN8LSR0JMABV7VV4KQNSO5AEMVJF66Q9ASUAAJG

anyways i think maybe it should be smaller than like a million characters, up near the max size limit I got an ‘uploading’ notice for it to save my color palette lol

anyways check this out, it saves even

thanks meep
i fixed the validation when you submit the form (regex is hard, forgot to add an ‘end of line marker’)
i should prob add validation to the url parameters too but at least you can’t save invalid ones now

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I was going to request some kind of dark/night CSS, but then I found this topic and applied it. This one looks great, thanks Tiko. Sorry if bumping is bad or whatever.

it’s cool feel free to bump anything
i edited the dark mode to fix the post header highlight color

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The custom styles are user-based right?

Is it possible to set a “custom default” for a zone?

dokdo is korean

From: Mister Taxi at 2020-01-22 19:25:51
The custom styles are user-based right?

Is it possible to set a “custom default” for a zone?

it’s user-based
i have considered that and might add it

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i’m not sure how it’d work
like if you set your style you prob wouldnt want to see a zone’s custom one

bird on skateboard

yeah i think it’d only work if the user didn’t have a custom style

either that or you’d have to implement zone specific user custom styles which is more of a hassle

dokdo is korean

btw <3 the thread zone tiko

hope you don’t take my posts as negative

dokdo is korean
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