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i'm not sure that the database handles older information gracefully

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i tried to open some old threads and filter users in them, the queries took a long time and never resolved

thread zone became nearly completely unresponsive in this time and after closing those tabs, the website seemed fine again

this happened in the last 10 minutes or so, i would be very surprised if you didn’t see a sharp uptick in disc activity or cpu time somewhere in the logs

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stunt failed

not a huge deal in terms of website usability but it may represent a scaling issue of some sort

stunt failed

filtering has to look at all the posts in the whole thread to know how to do pagination
for huge threads this is very inefficient cuz it has to grab tons of posts for every page
the white screen thing is the db hitting the usage limits and retrying, it will time out eventually (3 minutes or something iirc). refreshing makes it worse, closing doesn’t matter (yet?), just wait. the DB has auto-scaling enabled so worst case scenario this will happen for a couple minutes then go away
this is why I didn’t have paged filtering at first

anyway there’s not much I could do besides cache the page info in memory for a little bit, which is what I’ll have to do probably, but it’ll make things more complex

bird on skateboard

testing the limits, dang

high impact

ok, i made filtering ppl more efficient so it should be a lot better now

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nice! you rock, tiko

dum thirsty hors

whoops, turns out that commit didnt get built and deployed for some reason. it should really be fixed now

bird on skateboard

see above re: rocking

dum thirsty hors
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