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beta new feature

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i’m like 80% done with them so i am putting out a beta of it now. please be aware that it’s missing stuff. let me know if you find any bugs

you’ll notice a new Inbox link on the top of the page
you can start a new PM by clicking on a link on the bottom of anyone’s profile page

here’s stuff that i haven’t done yet:

  • 3+ user conversations, i have this mostly done but i need to add a UI for inviting/kicking people from the conversation
  • right now you need to be a member of the same zone as the person PMing you, but i plan to remove this restriction and add an option in your settings to restrict who can PM you
  • you can’t leave a PM yet
  • i will add the ability to block people
  • filter is broken
  • the inbox/unread PM count doesn’t update in realtime yet
  • in the future, if you have notifications on you’ll get one if you get a PM reply
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bird on skateboard

PM me

Cat-like Typist

very cool! otsukaresama deshita

high impact

pm me for nudes


small change but i’ve made it so if you have more than 50 PMs you can see the older ones now

bird on skateboard

tfw you don’t have enough PMs for pagination =(

one of those bugs without a lot of pressure to fix heh heh

bird on skateboard
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