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request: drag file from 'explorer' to the 'choose files' button

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On other websites, I can just drag a file from an explorer window onto the ‘choose files’ uploader button, and it gets the address for the file to upload from that.

It would be a nice feature

alright i’ll add this soon
you know you can drag onto the post box right

bird on skateboard

yea but why not do this too!

alright took me a while but i figured it out
you can drag files anywhere in the reply area now
works for post editing too

bird on skateboard

actually it’s kind of fucked up hmm i will fix

bird on skateboard

now it should be a lot better

bird on skateboard


stunt failed

2016-11-14 (46)_800x450.jpg

riot (neon) riot

From: Tiko at 2018-05-06 10:37:04
now it should be a lot better

2016-11-14 (55)_800x450.jpg

riot (neon) riot
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