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Yes, I am sure I want to blankpost

blankpost culture blankposting love options

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Hello Tiko. Is it possible to have an option in the Settings dialog to allow blankposting without warning globally (across all subscribed zones)? I think that it’s sensible to have the warnings on by default, but once you join blankpost culture (or are aware that it’s a thing) the warning becomes a little annoying.

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Trying too hard
we don't rent pigs

blankpost culture

i didn't learn nothin
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i’ll add this, and an option to disable shift+enter
maybe this weekend

Edited by Tiko at 2021-07-15 07:48:03Jul 15 07:48
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i didn't learn nothin

Thanks, Tiko!

Trying too hard

ok you can now tell the website that you are really sure that you want to blankpost
last option here

shift+enter thing i will deal w/ later

bird on skateboard


i didn't learn nothin

Thanks, Tiko!

Trying too hard
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